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What Google Instagram and Facebook know about you

This is how you find out what Google, Instagram and Facebook think they know about you

What Google Instagram ( and Facebook know about you Advertisers collect data about us and use it to display supposedly suitable ads. So far so good. But what do the platforms think they know about us? You can see that in advertising interests.

Google and Facebook are considered Big Brother and data octopuses who practice user stalking. There is definitely something to it - nevertheless, the interests and characteristics that they assign to us are sometimes right wrong. That can be funny. Instagram thinks I'm interested in the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta, the US Army's special counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit (WTF?). Google thinks I own real estate, while Facebook certifies that I am “at the beginning of adult life”. You also want to check out what Google and the socials think who you are? Then take a look at your advertising interests - maybe there’s something to laugh about!

1. Google: Personalized Advertising
Call up the menu in a Google app using the round button with your picture or your initials. Then select "Manage Google Account". Swipe the bar with the tabs a little to the left so that you see "Data and data protection". Below that you will find a section called “Advertising Settings”. If you allow personalized advertising, you can tap on it, and if you scroll down a bit, you will see small bubbles with your characteristics and interests. On Google you can see not only your alleged interests, but also characteristics: For example, whether they believe that you are in a relationship, have children and own a home. Then there are interests such as “limousines”, “resources and equipment for DJs” or “floor coverings”. Laminate for life!


2. Instagram: advertising interests

On the home screen, tap on your photo in the lower right corner to get to your profile. At the top right of the three parallel lines you will find the menu. Open the settings there. Then you go to "Security" - underneath there is a section called "Data and History", under which you select "View data". This will then invite you, two seconds - now you can scroll down to the bottom and tap on “View all” in the “Ads” section under “Advertising interests”. You can apparently click the "Show more" button an infinite number of times, and you will see more and more fun interests. Are you also passionate about "understanding", "I" or "manufacturing"?


3. Facebook: advertising interests

A rogue, who thinks badly, but Facebook has hidden the list of advertising preferences quite nicely. Open the side menu and scroll down. Open “Settings and Privacy” and you will find “Privacy at a glance”. Funnily enough, you don't get to your advertising preferences via the advertising preferences, but via the section below: "Your Facebook information". Here go to "Access your information." Here you have to scroll down quite a bit, to the section "Logged information". Open “Other logged information”, here you will first see your peer group - Facebook could, for example, place you “at the beginning of adult life”. With a tap on "Advertising Interests" you can view your list - including the possibility of deselecting unsuitable or undesirable interests. Something like "Carpe diem" for example, or chemical "organic compounds".

Facebook Messenger: New functions for birthday

Facebook Messenger: New functions for birthday

Facebook Messenger ( New functions for birthdayFacebook is giving its Messenger a few additional features for its birthday. We reveal how old the messenger is getting and what's new.
It's hard to believe, but Facebook Messenger has been around for a decade. For its tenth birthday, Faebook has "put together a birthday package with 10 functions ... that will help you share more memories with your friends and family and feel closer," said Loredana Crisan, Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook. in a blog post. We present the new features for the birthday that Facebook is currently rolling out piece by piece.
Poll game: how do my friends see me?
Among other things, Facebook is starting a survey game in Messenger. This is reminiscent of the yearbooks of American schools: Who is most likely to become president later? Who is the first to start a family? The years vote on such questions and the result ends up in the yearbook. Similar surveys are now also available on Facebook Messenger, on topics such as: "Who is most likely to give presents for a birthday?" - "Who fights zombies while everyone else runs away?" - "Who is most likely to miss their flight?" The users can also think of questions themselves. If you want to start a poll game in your group chat, tap on "Polls" and select the tab with the desired question. Then specify the names of the chat participants who are eligible for the answer.

Xbox 720: will Skype replace voice chat? Xbox 720 will Skype replace voice chatIs Microsoft replacing classic Xbox voice chat with Skype? According to a rumor, Microsoft systems will in future only communicate via the online service - including the Xbox 720.

Microsoft has owned the online communication service Skype since 2011 and operates a department in London that is exclusively concerned with the further development of the application. A specialist magazine now claims to have learned from the group's environment that in the future they want to use Skype universally for all online communication on Microsoft systems and that they intend to crush all existing services. This applies not only to PCs, tablets and services such as MSN Messenger, but also to the voice chat of the Xbox 720.

According to the media report, a job advertisement from Microsoft recently appeared confirming plans. The group is currently looking for an interface designer to work on the Xbox 360 successor. The job is therefore to be started in the company's Skype department, where the aim is to optimize the communication service for use on television with a focus on the next Xbox.

Google Chat: New emojis are moving in

Google Chat: New emojis are moving in

Google chat recently unveiled its new emojis that will move into Android 12 this year. Google Chat users can look forward to the new selection. As Google announced in the Workspace blog, the revised versions will be distributed to Android users with immediate effect. The rollout will take place until mid-August. This change is also planned for the web and iOS version, but there is no date yet. Google promises to come around the corner with an update as soon as there is something to announce. The new emojis can be used by all Workspace, G-Suite Basic and Business customers.

WhatsApp: New chat transfer can only be used on Samsung smartphones for the time being

WhatsApp ( : New chat transfer can only be used on Samsung smartphones for the time being

WhatsApp: New chat transfer can only be used on ( Samsung smartphones for the time beingWith a new feature, switching smartphones should be made easier, at least with WhatsApp. In the future, Messenger will be able to take over all chats from iOS to Android devices and vice versa. But for the time being, only Samsung users will be able to enjoy the feature.

WhatsApp has been planning a new feature for some time to make it easier to switch between smartphones. The aim is to make it easier to switch between iOS and Android smartphones.

After long speculation about this feature, WhatsApp let the cat out of the bag as part of the Samsung Unpacked event. The new feature will initially be rolled out for Samsung smartphones that support at least Android 10. The WhatsApp function is to be rolled out in the coming weeks, only then will other Android devices and iOS smartphones follow.

WhatsApp: New feature brings great benefits

As a first screenshot of the feature shows, the WhatsApp version must be updated on both devices before the transfer. This is the only way to use the whole. After the transfer, the devices are synchronized. Sent messages or pinned chats are displayed on both devices at the same time. When deleting messages, however, this must be done separately on both devices.

Anyone who switches to a new device and wants to keep important WhatsApp chats - and thus memories - should be particularly pleased with this feature.

There are unofficial third-party apps that enable chat changes on WhatsApp. But those responsible for WhatsApp have repeatedly emphasized that these violate the terms and conditions. Thanks to the new feature, iOS and Android users will soon be offered an official solution.

Reddit wants to be worth more than 10 billion after investment round

Reddit wants to be worth more than 10 billion after investment round

Reddit is transforming from a forum operator ( to a blockchain companyReddit, the online message board where users can chat about a variety of topics, expects to raise $700 million in a new investment round. The company is worth more than $10 billion on paper. The company says it wants to use the money for "strategic investments", especially internationally. In doing so, new ways to reach the Reddit community must be developed and advertising opportunities strengthened. This will also create additional jobs. The American financial service provider Fidelity Management and several previous lenders, among others, invested in this round. Earlier this year, Reddit also raised several hundred million dollars in an investment round and then hired a financial director. Also, the platform has already expanded to the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia. Other countries follow. The online platform generated more than $100 million in ad revenue for the first time in the quarter, according to Reddit. The internet forum also aims to develop new ways of connecting communities through video and audio.

Reddit is transforming from a forum operator to a blockchain company

Reddit is transforming itself from a forum operator to a blockchain companyThe forum platform Reddit is now worth more than ten billion US dollars. The operators use the wisdom of their customers to position themselves for the future. That works very well.

Reddit is a veteran of the internet and has been online since 2005. The company, which was bought just one year after it was founded by the Condé Nast publishing group, which is now part of Advance Publications, has developed rather slowly over the years. As the “home page of the Internet”, the startup was initially promoted by the Y Combinator incubator. The concept of the business model based on user-generated content has only been adapted since then, but never significantly changed. The income is still largely derived from advertising placed on the platform.

Reddit is consistently going in the direction of blockchain In fact, there are currently almost 140,000 forums on Reddit, which are not called forums, but subreddits and deal with all conceivable topics. ( However, Reddit clearly owes the breakthrough in public perception to the subreddit Wallstreetbets, whose users started the so-called Gamestop rally in January 2021, as a result of which various stocks set to new heights. That year, Reddit managed to increase its market valuation from around three to initially six and then to over ten billion dollars. The company gratefully took up the financial focus, which now also includes crypto currencies, and from then on positioned itself at the spearhead of the decentralized Web3. Most recently, Reddit caused a sensation when it announced that it would tokenize its community points system completely, i.e. switch to the blockchain.

Google, Facebook & Co are expanding submarine cables in Asia and Africa

Google, Facebook & Co are expanding submarine cables in Asia and Africa New, 12,000 km long submarine cables improve Internet connections in Japan and Southeast Asia. At the same time, the 2Africa project is being expanded to more countries.

Google and Facebook are investing in new and expanded submarine cable networks with regional telecommunications providers. While the "Apricot" project better connects six countries in Asia, the 2Africa network is being expanded by four new branches for additional countries and island regions. The projects should offer faster and more stable internet connections in the connected regions from 2024 and 2023 respectively. The new Apricot submarine cable network connects Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Guam, Indonesia and the Philippines over a length of 12,000 kilometers. It is an addition to two submarine cables between the USA and Indonesia, which the two data companies have announced as "Bifrost" and "Echo". According to Google, the new project should be completed in 2024 and initially offer a capacity of more than 190 terabits per second. Facebook is also working on the criticized submarine cable project PCLN. The Pacific Light Cable Network was announced in 2017 as the first direct such connection between the USA and Hong Kong. That has been delayed given the tension between China and the US. In the end the resistance had become too strong. The last section to Hong Kong is no longer to be added. So far, the cable connects San Francisco with Taiwan and the Philippines.

Facebook: Now we think big

Facebook Now we think big is advancing its efforts to gain more control over the Internet infrastructure. To this end, the company is involved in two underwater cable projects, which are intended to provide better Internet connections in Africa and Asia, and works with major players in various industries. On Monday, the 2Africa project, on which Facebook is working with the telecommunications groups Orange and Vodafone, announced that four new countries would be connected: Angola, Nigeria and the island states of Seychelles and Comoros. The aim of the project is to build an underwater ring of fiber optic cables around Africa and to connect 26 countries to it. Commissioning is planned for 2023. Facebook had already announced on Sunday that the company is participating in the Apricot project in Asia. The 7,500-mile underwater cable system is expected to connect Japan, Taiwan, Guam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. Google is also involved in this initiative, which should go into operation in 2024, as the group announced on Monday.

WhatsApp: how to create a chat where there is only one person

WhatsApp: how to create a chat where there is only one person

whatsapp create chat room only one personGet the most out of WhatsApp with this trick. Surely you have ever been browsing your favorite social network and suddenly you see a news that interests you but you cannot read it at the moment for a matter of time, therefore, what you do is copy the link of the article and save it in the mobile notepad. This is how you accumulate websites that you don't get to read because you don't usually enter the team's notebook; However, WhatsApp is an application that you use daily and this time we will teach you to create a chat with yourself so that you can store everything you want. Next we will tell you the steps.

A chat with yourself? It sounds crazy, but it is possible to do with WhatsApp and the best of all is that it will not be necessary to install additional applications that take up storage space on your Smartphone. With this chat you can save all kinds of content such as: photos, videos, links, documents, etc., and it is totally unlimited, in short, you can use it as a notepad.

There are several methods to create a chat where only you are. The first method is to belong to a WhatsApp group and wait for all the members to leave so that you are alone; and the second is to create a group chat and add two people to later delete them and leave only you, something that could make other users uncomfortable if you don't coordinate it first. There is a third mode that is the simplest and where you will not bother anyone by adding it and then removing it.

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