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CHATGPT: “Integrating artificial intelligence can increase productivity”

CHATGPT: “Integrating artificial intelligence can increase productivity”

What is the NUMERIA program?
NUMERIA is an acceleration program for the adoption of artificial intelligence, which is mainly aimed at SMEs.

CHATGPT: “Integrating artificial intelligence can increase productivity”What are the three different components of the program?
The genesis of the program came from a study on the obstacles to the adoption of artificial intelligence. Starting from this point, we wanted to respond to three issues. First, there is access to knowledge: today, when you are an SME, it is very difficult to have access to knowledge that is scientific or linked to research around artificial intelligence. . There is also the question of the labor shortage, which is a major problem in our industry, and, finally, there is probably a lack of preliminary preparation by some companies before embarking on a project.

Independent, these are the three dimensions that we target and address. You may need to consult an expert in artificial intelligence to find out what AI could do in your company. You may want to have access to an AI professional to confirm an idea, a project, or to confront your project a little bit. We come to frame this reflection.

What type of companies can benefit from the NUMERIA program?

There is not one industry that is more targeted than another. We often help industries that are growing and need agile responses, quickly. There is a notion of agility, responsiveness that comes into play. I would say that the program was designed with this in mind: it is accessible, light, targets the essentials, is personalized (tailor-made), and companies love it.

To be eligible for the program, does a company have to meet any criteria?
It all depends on the part you're talking about. If we talk about part 2, to have access to mentoring, you obviously need a minimum knowledge of mathematics, logic, computer science, or have a good scientific culture. It is thanks to this base that we can accompany someone, develop their knowledge and above all, their know-how.

How can the integration of AI be a concrete help for an SME?
First, the integration of artificial intelligence can make it possible to gain in productivity, in competitiveness, to automate things, etc. It can also help to alleviate the labor problem that can be encountered in the case of certain positions.

Another aspect that is not talked about enough is the creation of an AI-augmented work environment for staff retention purposes. It is indeed much more pleasant to work in an automated work environment, bringing a certain comfort, than in a workspace that is free of it.

Before embarking on an AI project, you have to ask yourself the following question: “is my need covered by a commercial solution? At that time, there are AI service providers who will have ready-made solutions. Or, “Is my need really specific to the point of directing me to a research center like CRIM to develop a tailor-made solution? »

What are the reactions of the people you have helped since the launch last September?
What seduces them is the simple and accessible aspect. We go to the essentials and we really meet the expectations of the company. For example, again this week, I was one-on-one with a potential client who has a great idea, but doesn't know where to start and wants to talk to someone without being swayed by commercial language. In these cases, it is necessary to have popularized exchanges, in complete confidence, with a professional who will give the right information, without necessarily articulating the discussion around the major commercial issues.

Why do you think entrepreneurs are reluctant to invest in artificial intelligence?
I think our relationship to AI is biased, actually. If, at the start, we tell ourselves that artificial intelligence is not made for us, that it is only for large companies, we are encumbered with a perception bias.

Another bias that many people have, conversely, is to think that artificial intelligence can do everything. There is a balance to be found between the two. What is certain is that from the moment when we have productivity and competitiveness challenges to meet, and when we want to make better decisions, artificial intelligence is a solution to consider.

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CHATGPT: “Integrating artificial intelligence can increase productivity”